Since 1994, we have set the standard for media-rich, online, and flexible automotive training programs that enhance instructional effectiveness, student engagement, and learning outcomes

For more than 20 years, CDX has worked closely with automotive educators from Australia, New Zealand, and beyond to deliver trusted instructional tools designed to help their students succeed in the classroom, in the shop, and throughout their careers.

Today, our fully-integrated teaching and learning systems combine the latest content with the latest print, digital, and mobile tools in order to meet the needs of any learner. Meanwhile, our full suite of assessment, reporting, and course management tools come together to make instruction more effective and administration simpler.


Long known as the industry’s premier provider of instructional videos and online training programs, CDX is now leading automotive education forward with creation of cutting-edge learning technologies, high quality training manuals and eBooks, instructor resources, and time-saving reporting and assessment tools.

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