Medium and Heavy Vehicle Systems Textbook

Medium and Heavy Duty Commercial Vehicle Systems describes safe and effective diagnostic, repair, and maintenance procedures for today’s medium and heavy vehicle chassis systems. 

Includes coverage of:

  • Braking system technology used in vehicle stability, collision avoidance, and new stopping distance standards
  • Hybrid drive powertrains, automated transmissions, and advanced battery technologies
  • On board vehicle networks and integrated chassis electrical control system
  • Automatic transmission drive shafts and drive axles
  • Charging, starting, vehicle instrumentation and chassis electrical systems
  • On-board diagnostic systems, electronic signal processing, and sensor operation
  • Steering, suspension, frames, hitching, and air conditioning systems
  • Environmental and fuel efficiency technologies
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Student WOrkbook

Also Available: An accompanying Student Workbook containing exercises to reinforce what you will learn in both Fundamentals of Medium/Heavy Duty Commercial Vehicle Systems and the classroom. The Student Workbook is designed to encourage critical thinking and aid comprehension through a variety of exercises in each chapter, including skill drill activities, labeling activities, knowledge check questions, and more.

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